Balls of Clay (2012)

Balls of Clay is a Pathfinder campaign played on Roll20. The original GM was Rob Blau, but he later suckered me into taking over. BoC is the longest-running game I have ever been a part of and a lot has happened, including time travel to Kaeran, a long visit to the Under-Miami, various planar adventures, and now a Mythic campaign.
Arthas: Rob Blau Malak Freed: Manny Perez
Elaryan Essendil: Juan Montemayor Nor: Nick Papaefthimiou
Eovan: Nick Papaefthimiou Rathloren Lochlaber: Jack Nye
Lor Si'Kink: Nick Papaefthimiou Yolotomossi: Minpont Chien

Starfall (2006)

Starfall was a D&D 3.5 campaign run by Manny Perez. It began in a village with a quest to find a missing pig, then gradually grew more and more epic. I also guest GM'ed for a while.
Arkon the Magnificient: Jack Nye Thalos Trueshield: Dan Winkler
Aust: Brady Richards Tiasha Cysparnal: Cole Parker
Sabeline: JoRel Martirosov  

Calamnitus (2001)

Calamnitus was a D&D 3E campaign, GM'ed by me. The premise was that the original heroes of the Mystara campaign had failed in their quest, and so the world was a now dark place, run by dragons. Lots of ethical questions, and fairly challenging.
Mendatz: Nick Papaefthimiou Ilsa: Jonna Anderson
John Finn (Corelius): Rob Blau Vellios: Dean Christakos
Solis Isprissel: Juan Montemayor Valia Silvertree: Holly Allen
Teevo Silvertree: Cole Parker Torne: Anne Nye
Culianthus: Rob Blau  

Liev (2000)

Liev was a sort-lived D&D 3E campaign, featuring Rob Blau as GM.
Tina: Brian Tivol Valanthe Nailo: Holly Allen
Mixie Sterling: Jack Nye Mardok Arcanus: Nick Papaefthimiou
Sarah Phimm: Juan Montemayor  

Stonebridge (2000)

Stonebridge was Cole Parker's D&D 3E campaign, which was a lot of fun, though it didn't run for too long. Cole gave every character a list of secrets, which led to some real zaniness. For example, Thode was secretly in love with Roberta, and spent most of his time trying to slip her Love Potions.
Ai'rid: Juan Montemayor Batrakius Thode: Jack Nye
Halo: Manny Perez Oota Steelglove: Brian Tivol
Silvermane: Nick Papaefthimiou Syri: Holly Allen
Yuri: Rob Blau Roberta: Carrie Morton

Mystara (1999)

Mystara was an AD&D 2E campaign that I GM'ed, and one of my most ambitious campaigns ever. Games frequently had nine or ten simultaneous players. Plus, everyone kept their character sheets in a central database, with a web front-end. I also regularly created between-game challenges for the players. Of course, the map was based on the Mystara box set, so Holly calls this my "lazy" campaign.
Alex: Manny Perez Braka O. Fold: Kathy Navarrete
Denethor Orodruin: Jason Martinez Denge Fibre: Juan Montemayor
Dorduum Stronglock: Nick Papaefthimiou Kreanna: Carrie Morton
Lars: Aiquin Nye Romanos: Dean Christakos
Rose Arvalen: Dan Montemayor Saya: Holly Allen
Tom Finn: Rob Blau Marc: Cole Parker

Oerth (1998)

Oerth was an AD&D 2E game, GM'ed by Nick Papaefthimiou. It was based on the "Rod of Seven Parts" adventures. Bailey's entire character sheet and web pages were origninally SQL-driven, such that any change made on his character sheet would automatically update all his web pages. One of these days I might put it back together again.
Bailey McClain: Jack Nye Lady Butch: Kathy Navarrete
Fabo: Jason Martinez Lan Refni: Rob Blau
Cyrus: Juan Montemayor Reginald (Timothy Pickles): Brian Tivol
Nyega: Holly Allen Lodar: Chia Shafiroff

New Kaeran (1998)

New Kaeran was an AD&D 2E campaign, GM'ed by me. It was set in the same world as Kaeran, only 100 years later. It had a really high henchman-to-player ratio, which combined with a large playerbase and inconsistent scheduling, led to an early demise.
Grimp: Jason Martinez Brogle: Nick Papaefthimiou
Devon: ??? Raelaste (Cryala): Holly Allen
Lora: Min C Kief: Rob Blau
Zobo: Kathy Navarrete Lucid Fate: Manny Perez
Dunner Kendan (White Crab): Brian Tivol Xiao:  

Seven (1997)

Seven was an AD&D 2E game run by Manny Perez. It was A high-weird Planescape campaign that Manny ran. There were unfortunately many, many layers to this campaign that were never explored; I know because I was a guest GM for a while. Some players have multiple characters because there was a little problem with party cohesion early on, that resulted in the loss of three characters.
Naomi DeGuerin: Jack Nye Dyronius Kor-tan'a: Jack Nye
Moht: Nick Papaefthimiou Box: Nick Papaefthimiou
Therias (Theria): Jason Martinez Skranklegobble Tsilbus: Kathy Navarrete
Tigyana: Holly Allen Gibb Nefrandal: Min C
Ellison: Rob Blau Tithe: Rob Blau

Kaeran (1996)

The Heroes of Kaeran was an AD&D 2E game run by Rob Blau. It was the first serious campaign I played in college, which produced some of my fondest memories. Initially, we were a group of five, but later we were joined by Niralth and Wax.
Azrael Majere: Manny Perez Mercutio Tarrante: Jack Nye
Amaranth Toral: Nick Papaefthimiou Milnasis: Min C
Qel: Jason Martinez Niralth: Holly Allen
Wax: Brian Tivol  

Ultima Online

Ultima Online might not be your typical RPG, but Lord knows I put enough time and effort into my characters. On our first server, we created a guild called the Masters of the Rune (which sounds impressive, unless you realize that a Recall rune is used to run away from battle). Our next server was a veteran server, Siege Perilous. Both were great fun.
Chylde Tarrante: Jack Nye Milanna Tarrante:  
Raiden: Manny Perez Kit Darknight: Juan Montemayor
Zaria: Carrie Anne Morton Morgan: Jack Nye [SP]

Other Characters

These are characters that don't fit anywhere else, plus some for which I haven't had time to make a campaign description.
Damien Black (GURPS Vampires) Brehmen (GURPS Fantasy)
The Knight Gallante (GURPS Supers) Moka-Loka (Kaeran IAP)
Benjamin Marr (Shadowrun) Johnny Blackfeather (Shadowrun)