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17 Corlaer 514

Azrael, Mercutio and Amaranth meet w/ the Town Council of Kaeran. They, along with their friend, Milnasis, are hired to investigate the road to Norburn village. Azrael suggests that they get payed for their trouble (this is the best idea proposed in the entire adventure, but he receives no XP bonus), and the Council agrees to pay the companions 25 gp. The adventurers set out on the road to Norburn. After several hours' travel, Milnasis (who was otherwise occupied) reaches the party. Mercutio casts Phantasmal Force, which is unusually effective, to rebuke Milnasis for his tardiness.

Towards the end of the day, the party encounters 6 goblins, which they quickly dispatch. The party finds some gp and some weapons on the goblins. Azrael also takes two goblin heads.

The companions camp, and the night passes without further encounter.

18 Corlaer 514

The heroes reach Norburn Village, only to find it gutted. They are attacked by a hobgoblin and 5 orcs, which they defeat. Unfortunately, the sounds of battle attract more hobgoblins, and the companions are forced to flee into the nearby Forest of Ent.

In the woods, they encounter 5 strange wolves, which prove to be invulnerable. Trafalgar, Mercutio's dog, is nearly killed in the battle, but is saved by Amaranth. Fortunately, the heroes discover that the wolves are confined to the path; they spend the night in the woods.

19 Corlaer 514

While Amaranth is praying for guidance, the other companions decide to leave. Azrael burns a path through the forest, attracting the attention of the druid (this foreshadows events that occur later).

The party runs across the Tower of Agnus, where they meet an old man (and his three kittens). The elf attempts to Hide in Shadows, but is unsuccessful. Agnus convinces the heroes to eat-- they do, and thereafter fall into a deep sleep. Unbeknownst to the companions, they sleep for two weeks.

2 Samler 514

The group awakes to find themselves alone. They explore the tower, and learn that it has 30 additional floors, each which contains a chest. They waste three days here (with a short interim in the Forest) before it dawns upon Mercutio to check _all_ of the chests.

During this period, the druid, unaware of the time that has passed, celebrates the Arboretum of Experience twelve days late, and Milnasis entirely misses the firt Sur of Advent.

6 Samler 514

Amaranth and Milnasis open one of the chests and discovers 4 magical items. Amaranth takes a Scimitar (+1) vs Regeneration; Azrael takes a Sword of Infinite Composition; Mercutio gets the Amulet of Gainful Memory; and Milnasis keeps the Dagger (+1) of Theivery.

Our brave heroes return to the forest, but the druid decides not to harm the wolves. Milnasis tries to Steal the Scimitar of Lupine Death, but is unsuccessful; Amaranth calls down the wrath of Titania on Azrael. Azrael attacks the forest, resulting in a brawl between him and the Quarter-elf.

In the end, the druid is won over by Azrael's Charisma, and the companions decide to kill the wolves. Once the wolves are destroyed, the party begins the trip home.

8 Samler 514

The four stalwart adventurers reach Kaeran, only to find that it, too, has been destroyed. They locate a band of survivors, learn that they have been away for almost a month, and are asked to travel to Avalon to bring news of Kaeran's fate to the officials there. The companions agree.

End Adventure One : 8 Samler 514

Amaranth earns 2100 XP. He reaches level 2!
Azrael earns 2000 XP.   He reaches level 2!
Mercutio earns 2000 XP.
Milnasis earns 1900 XP.

8 Samler 514

The adventurers are given 15 gp apiece, a note to the Prince, and a map of Avalon. They begin their journey.

9 Samler 514

On the second day on the road, the heroes encounter a man with a donkey and cart. Azrael attempts to buy the cart, but has insufficient funds. In the end, the servant of Death settles on trading two gold pieces for some scraps of wood.

That night, the four men stay at the Butler's inn, which is run by a guy named Otik. The spiced potatoes are delicious, and Azrael manages to win 5 sp gambling.

10 Samler 514

The companions wake early, and help themselves to a free breakfast. This day is the second Sur of Advent, so Milnasis fasts.

That night, the four arrive at Avalon. Azrael and Amaranth go directly to the Prince's keep, and spend the night hassling the city's guard. Milnasis and Mercutio locate an inn. Mercutio settles down for the night, while the elf goes on a thiefing spree. He ends up with 15 gp of loot.

11 Samler 514

Azrael and Amaranth are permitted to see the Prince. After arguing with His Majesty for a while, they get him to agree to think over matters in Kaeran. He will send a note when he is ready.

The companions check into the Inn of the Cracked Mug, then head to the bazaar, where they buy some equipment. That night, after they have returned to the inn, they see 2 villagers killed. Milnasis, Azrael, and Mercutio attempt to follow suspects, but only the thief is successful.

Later, the party lets the hostage go, after the druid heals him and tricks the other adventures into thinking they are about to be discovered. Mercutio scowls at Amaranth, and the first seeds of discontent are sown. The mage has come across a note asking for the party's help, but decides not to share this newfound information. He allows the druid to return to the inn while he and the other two members go to the bazaar.

At the bazaar, our heroes meet a lady who says her name is Milana. She swears that thieves have killed her father, and asks for the party's help in retrieving her father's wealth.

The adventurers agree, and head to the thieves' hideout. The battle that ensues is grueling. In the course of the fighting, Milnasis, Azrael, and Trafalgar are all knocked unconscious; only Mercutio is left standing when the dust clears. He loots a great deal of treasure, then heads back to the inn to get the druid.

Amaranth rescues the three fallen comrades. That night he casts a total of five healing spells.

12 Samler 514

The characters, exhausted, sleep through most of the 12th.

That night, they return to the bazaar to request additional compensation for their services. Amaranth is not with them at first, because is offended that he was left out of the plan.

They are double-crossed by Milana. Amouther battle is fought. By the end of the encounter, Milnasis, Azrael, and Trafalgar all have been incapacitated, although Milnasis is healed. Furthermore, Azrael has a chance to kiss Milana before she flees.

That night, Milnasis tortures a hostage from the battle, convincing the man to point out Milana's Lair. Mercutio then lets the man go, disgusted by the thief's cruelty.

End Adventure Two : 12 Samler 514

Amaranth earns 1830 XP.
Azrael earns 2225 XP.    He reaches level 3!
Mercutio earns 2025P XP. He reaches level 2!
Milnasis earns 2250 XP.  He reaches level 2(t)!

13 Samler 514

The party sleeps through a lot of Melchior's Taunt. When they awake, they are being arrested. They are divested of their weapons (with the exception of the thief's invisible Dagger) and brought to the dungeons of Avalon Keep, where they are imprisoned.

In the dungeons, they meet Craig the Dwarf, who is also a prisoner. Craig tells the adventurers about some sub-dungeons which are accessable via a secret passageway. The heroes decide to escape.

First, Amaranth places a magical Charm on the cell's guard, causing him to free the five men (well, three men, one dwarf, and one elf, at any rate). Then, Milnasis casts an Impersonate spell to fool the guards beyond the door. "Woo hoo," he says in the guard's voice, "Check out these gonkers." Needless to say, the other guards run to see the gonkers, at which point the companions ambush them.

The adventurers retrieve their weapons and locate the sub-dungeons. These ancient levels of the keep hold many dangers, including rat golems, giant spiders, and carrion crawlers, but the party perseveres.

At one point, Mercutio sets off a trap which causes each companion to see the four others as giant spiders. Fortunately, not too much damage is done before the effects pass.

The companions spend the night in the catacombs.

14 Samler 514

The party continues on, encountering skeletons, giant centipedes, and a giant web-spinning creature. They also run into Cassaria, a preistess who lives in the dungeon. Cassaria fights the companions, utilising stealth and magic. Once, she casts a spell that makes all of the companions except Mercutio refuse to fight her, so the mage is left struggling by himself. In the end, however, she is overcome. While she is unconscious, Azrael drives arrows through her palms, staking her to a wooden table, as warning to all who pass the spot.

Eventually, the adventurers escape the dungeon, exiting via a waterfall in the cliffs below the keep. They divide their treasure, and Craig offers them a place to stay for a month.

At the end of the month, the party encounters Vosh, a man of great power and evil who commands them to leave Avalon. Mercutio is unconvinced, but the rest of the party, and Craig, think it is best to head to the city of the dwarves.

End Adventure Three : 14 Samler 514

Amaranth earns 4200 XP. He reaches level 4!
Azrael earns 4000 XP.   He reaches level 4!
Mercutio earns 3800 XP. He reaches level 3!
Milnasis earns 4600 XP. He reaches level 2(m)!
                        He reaches level 3(t)!

2 Baler 514

The companions are greeted warmly at the City of the Dwarves, particularly since (it turns out) Craig is Dwarven royalty. His Dwarveness gives the heroes a quest: that they should venture into the long-abandoned Dwarven mines in order to seek out the fabled Wizard.

After some negotiation, the heroes agree.

3 Baler 514

The Dwarven mines are dark and cold, and contain many obstacles to overcome. The characters fight centipedes and cave bears before discovering a secret passage to an ancient keep.

The first two level of the keep contains gargoyles and a sabretooth tiger, which the heroes dispatch with ease (at one point, Azrael confronts six gargoyles by himself). At the end of the second level, they come upon a corridor that spirals down into the dark.

The corridor leads to four levels, one for each element. Each of these levels is home to various elemental foes, and each contains a a gem. At the bottom of the spiral is a Ritual Level; to proceed, the adventurers are forced to brave more dangers as they solve an ancient puzzle.

After the puzzle is completed, the companions enter a room with an altar, only to be whisked away to another plane by a demon. A battle of wits ensues; the demon is no match for our stalwart heroes, and is soon defeated.

The final chambers of the keep contain the remains of ancient dragon and what appears to have once been a mage. There are also various magical items, which the party members divide among themselves.

The magical items have various effects. There is a flask which grants Azrael memories of the ancient mage. The wizard, it turns out, had access to a type of Wild Magic that was more powerful than traditional magic. The companions agree that they must seek out this Wild Magic to battle the forces of Darkness.

One of the magical items, however, is a magical deck of cards. Each of the heroes draws, with the following effects:

* Milnasis becomes more Wise.
* Azrael becomes Charismatic.
* Mercutio is granted a Vision; that he is Chosen to battle Evil, and that the fate of the forces of Good will one day rest in his hands.
* Four strangers appear, attacking Milnasis and Mercutio. Milnasis is killed.

Azrael, Amaranth, and Mercutio carry the body of their companion to the City of the Dwarves, trading some of their treasure for a Resurrection spell. The thief lives!

Heartened by his resurrection, and by their newfound treasure, the party decides to set out for Avalon.

End Adventure Four: 3 Baler 514

Amaranth earns 14700 XP. He reaches level 6!
Azrael earns 18650 XP.   He reaches level 6!
Mercutio earns 17400 XP. He reaches level 5!
Milnasis earns 1400 XP.  He reaches level 3(m)!
                         He reaches level 4(t)!

15 Baler 514

The companions arrive at Avalon, the city of Prince Andrew. Although they are hardly expecting a hardy welcome, they manage to make their way into the city without incident. Once in the city, they immediately split up. Amaranth wanders away to talk to some trees, Milnasis disguises himself as a dirty old beggar, and Azrael and Mercutio head into the city to shop.

The mage and the warrior are approached by a scrawny city lad, who refuses to introduce himself, but swears that he has information critical to the heroes' mission-- and their survival. Azrael and Mercutio give him a few minutes to explain himself, then walk away, unconvinced. Milnasis attempts to stalk the boy, but is spectacularly unsuccessful, falling face-first into a puddle.

Later that day, Amaranth meets Hobo, a dwarf who offers to make him magical +1 leather armor. Mercutio meets a mage named Tristam, who will train him for a price.

16 Baler 514

This is the day of the Cascan Blood Rite. Mercutio and Milnasis train, while Azrael wanders out into the forest to perform some Solinari-forsaken ritual. Amaranth interupts him at one point, but the two manage to work out their differences.

16 Baler 514

The next day, while Mercutio is finishing his training, Milnasis discovers the strage city boy lurking outside of the party's rooms In standard Milnasis fashion, he captures, tortures, and torments the lad. Soon, the party (minus the mage) are set upon by an entire band of thieves, which they dispatch.

They take Qel (for that is the boy's name) to a private room, where they convince him to lead them to the Thieve's Guild. True to his word, Qel does so. at the Guild, Azrael speaks privately to Milana, then the party-- with Qel as their new companion-- decides to head to Alborn to talk to the King.

16 Baler 514

The heroes set out north. It is a trip of many days, but most of it passes without incident.


29 Baler 514

In a field far north of Avalon, the party encounters Vosh, the evil man they first met in Avalon. A conflict ensues, in which Mercutio dons an Amulet of Amiability, which changes his personality; the party's future is looking dim. Then Vosh is joined by Milana, who is actually a black dragon, and Gabriella, Azrael's sister. Azrael offers to join the forces of darkness, but his sister turns him away-- Milana allows the party to leave, but Azrael's life is changed forever.

Later in the day, the heroes run into a band of elves. Recognizing the importance of the companions' quest, the elves take them to their City.

30 Baler 514

The party spends several days in the City of the Elves. The elves are a great help, removing the Azrael's cursed ring and healing the party, but they also reveal that Amaranth is dying of a magical disease. They also reveal more detail about the legendary Lost Tower and Golden armor.

The Princess of the Elves, her pale, perfect features framed by chestnut hair, asks that the companions continue onward to Arborn. She gives them a message for the King and speeds them on their way.

1 Jealer 514

The party is welcomed to Arborn. The king, unlike his dull-witted son, recognizes how great a threat the armies of darkness pose to his kingdm. He lends five stalwart soldiers-- Ellison, Joe, Lharl, Jake, and Tigyana-- to the party, equips them, and sends them to Hayit, the Artic continent, to locate the Golden Armor before the Armies of Darkness do.

2 Jealer 514

The heroes travel across the ocean, arriving at an Artic village. The buy a sled and some dogs, and removing Mercutio's cursed amulet.

Soon the party sets out from the Artic village, hellbent on finding the Lost Tower. They bring no guide, no map, and barely enough supplies to survive. For the next several days they travel, encountering wolves and a remorhaz (which Amaranth, Joe, and Mercutio dispatch together).

10 Jealer 514

The mighty adventures locate an ancient ruins, lost for ages in the snow of the Artic. Inside the ruins, they encounter some rather ferocious polar bears, which kill four of the five soldiers traveling with them. Only Lharl survives; he and most of the party ventures into a discovered tunnel while Mercutio buries the dead.

These four heroes will be dearly missed.
Brave adventures, unwavering companions;
Jake the fire-builder
Joe the remhoraz-slayer
Tygyana the stalwart
Ellison the true.

The six remaining party members spend the night in the tunnel they have discovered. During Amaranth's watch, they are attacked by a white pudding. Between the pudding and one of Milnasis's miscast Shock Sphere spells, the party is terribly wounded. The druid is killed.

The rest of the companions consider abandoning the wuest, but decide that Amaranth would have wanted them to press on. The bring his body with them; later in the night, he is visited by Titania, who ressurects him.

unfortunately, Mercutio and Azrael do not realize that this is the work of Amaranth's goddess. Believing the druid to be undead, they work to put his soul to rest. While Mercutio holds off Qel, Azrael hacks Amaranth's body into several pieces.

Eventually, the error is discovered and sorted out, but not before Amaranth, newly revived, loses an arm. Mercutio and Azrael both apologize, and the party sets up camp.

11 Jealer 514

The party reaches the end of the corridor, emerging once again into the tundra. The set up camp beside a lake.

12 Jealer 514

The party heads westward. Days later, they come upon the fabled Lost Tower. They have great difficulty getting in-- and once they do, each is confronted with a vision of his future.

Navigating the Tower proves to be as tricky as entering it. In each room, the party is presented with a new obstacle, from a cryohydra to an iron golem. Lharl, the last of the king's soldiers is killed in a heroic battle with a dragon.

Lharl, last of the Albornians.
Go now to your hero's death-- leave us to sing your praise.
You, who never showed fear, will fill our stories, our legends, our hearts.

Eventually, the heroes overcome all, and reach the top of the tower, where they encounter a room of treasure, including the legendary Golden Armor. As the tower begins to crumble around them, they run out onto the plane, rescuing the treasure from certain destruction.

End Adventure Five: 12 Jealer 514

Amaranth earns 15500 XP. He reaches level 7!
Azrael earns 28490 XP.   He reaches level 7!
Mercutio earns 30000 XP. He reaches level 7!
Milnasis earns 23500 XP. He reaches level 5(m)!
                         He reaches level 6(t)!
Qel earns 25000 XP.      He reaches level 6!

15 Jealer 514

The party divides and experiments with the magic items they have discovered. Azrael dons the Golden Armor, granting himself the powers of a God; Amaranth discovers a ring that allows him to assume any form he desires; Qel secures a Cloak of Shadows; Milnasis a Ring of Apathy. Mercutio is nearly killed by an Amber Monkey, the most feared of all magical items.

Azrael, with his newfound powers, teleports the party to the Elven Village. Once there, Amaranth wanders into the forest. The rest of the party begins to make plans to confront the Armies of Darkness.

10 Dunler 514

The party has been studying and training for the last ten weeks; they finally feel that they are prepared for the war which looms on the horizon. Azrael has become slightly darker, and the other heroes have begun to notice subtleties in his actions that suggest that all is not right with the young boy. Qel and Milnasis have spent the last couple of months in the elven village, drinking and womanizing, while Mercutio has buried himself in his studies.

A messenger comes to the Elven queen and says that Avalon is under siege, and needs the support of the Elven armies. The heroes laugh, but their frivolity is cut short as the queen slumps in her chair. A moment later, she looks up, and a dark voice emannates from her, demanding that the party turn the armor over to the armies of darkness. "This extends beyond mortal armies," the voice bellows, and it promises Azrael that he will meet Casca herself if he complies.

Azrael replies, "In the long run, either I'll kill you or you'll kill me. I get to meet Casca eventually, either way." The evil spirit scowls in anger, then leaves the body of the Queen. Her majesty does not recover however, and Mercutio is forced to carry her to her chambers, so that she can rest.

All that remains is to find Amaranth; so, naturally, the party wanders out into the forest.

Needless to say, they find him there, albeit not quite as expected. He bears the scars of a recent crucifixion, his clothes are torn away, and he and two strangers are lying unconscious in a burned-out clearing in the woods. One of the strangers is a reptilian woman with an evil demeanor, the other is a Pixie male.

The party revives the evil-looking dragon-woman and the Pixie, who claims he is from the land of the Armies of Darkness, and almost immediately indocrinate them into the party, although neither they nor Amaranth can explain their current state. At that point, the woman, whose name is Niralth, turns treacherous, attacking Mercutio, who defends himself. The two are in pitched combat when Azrael reappears in the clearing, emannating waves of unholy fear. The party scatters.

When they regroup, the heroes decide to let Niralth and the Pixie (his name is Wax) join their campaign. Needless to say, Mercutio is a bit wary of admitting Niralth, but he accepts Wax's service as a loyal familiar. The companions return to the village.

It turns out Wax has a message for the queen, but she is stil unconscious, so Mercutio takes the pixie to the prince instead. The message is incomprehensible, however, and the prince merely scoffs at the bard. In the interim, the heroes have decided to go to Avalon.

11 Dunler 514

The elven armies lend the party members several gryphons, but the heroes are impatient. they decide Azrael, Milnasis, Amaranth, and Qel will teleport ahead, while Mercutio, the new party members, and an elven soldier named Devon will catch up on the mounts.

It is many hours later that the party regroups in the battle-torn city of Avalon. The druid cast a spell, scrying the location of Milana, Vosh, and Andrew. The companions all decide to attack Milana, execept Az, who still maintains his love for her, but agrees to go along nonetheless. The party rushes to the dradon-lady's location, but almost immmediately, Azrael is magically charmed by her, and proceeds to attack his friends. He slays Mercutio and injures Niralth, before Amaranth transforms into a dragon and flattens him. The party (with the obvious exception of the mage) flees.

Meanwhile, Mercutio awakens from death with newfound powers. He rejoins the party, to find that Azrael has been stripped down, tied up, and mocked by Milnasis and Amaranth. The druid casts a spell on the warrior'sarmor and helm, aand deciding they're okay, returns them. Az dons his armor and, claiming he can no longer trust the party, flies away on a gryphon named Courage. He says he will return with the elven reinforcements; the other heroes go to sleep, planning on joining the seige on the morrow.

12 Dunler 514

In the morning, Mercutio's powers have left him, but he retains his darker view of the world. The company joins the defense of Avalon.

Mercutio, Milnasis, and Qel face overwhelming odds in combat but persvere, while Niralth and Amaranth take turns attacking from the air. Eventually, the tide of battle turns against the allies, and they are forced to retreat to the Keep.

Outside, Avalon is burning. A glance outside of the fortress reveals only darkness, punctuated by Orog camp-fires. War chants continue all night, and every once in a while a shrill scream fills the air as an Orog finds and tortures a once hiding villager.

Inside the keep things seem grim. The wounded and dying are everywhere. There is little help for them, and many are not going to make it through the night. The ash in the air covers everything, making breathing hard. The blackish layer seems to reflect the doom which everybody holds in their hearts.

After the long flight to Avalon and their battle, the heros are very tired. Soon after escaping into the keep, Niralth falls unconcious. She turns extremely pale and her body twitches every once in a while. The prince gives up his bed chamber to give her a place to rest, and a guard is posted to watch over her.

Mercutio questions the prince, accusing him of being a traitor to his nation. At first the prince tries to defend himself, but eventually breaks down. In an insane manner, he relates that he had made deals with Millana and Vosh in an attempt to protect Avalon. In return for information and supplies, Avalon was to be spared. The attack took him completely by suprise, and although he had been gathering troops to send to the king, they were caught unawares. At the end of his ranting, prince Andrew screams out, asking the king for forgivness. Unsheathing his dagger he plunges it into his chest as he curses himself. His last words are that perhaps Mercutio can set right the evil he has wrought; "Take my throne," he says, "and make Avalon a city of light once more."

The rest of the heros attempt to help out the wounded. Amaranth works through the night, treating those who can be saved. The others; Wax, Milnasis, and Qel try to help him but exaustion soon overtakes them. Niralth is still unconcious, and her body trembles more and more as the night progresses, the spasm occur with greater and greater frequency. None of the physicians or priests understand what is happening to her. The situation looks hopeless, but the heroes do not despair.

End Adventure Six: 11 Dunler 514

Amaranth earns 5500 XP.
Azrael earns 5000 XP.
Mercutio earns 9000 XP. 
Milnasis earns 9000 XP.
Niralth earns 3250 XP.   She reaches level 4!
Qel earns 8500 XP.       He reaches level 7!
Wax earns 200 XP.        He reaches level 4!

12 Dunler 514

Dawn comes. What light is able to make it through the black clouds and the black air has a blood red tint to it. The men in the castle prepare to make their last stand against the invaders, hoping that Azrael and the elves arrive in time to save them.

The remaining party members meet in the throne room, where Mercutio, dressed now in black robes, has taken his place as king. They make plans for a while, and Wax suggests that he spy out the location of Milana, so they can confront her again now that Azrael is not here to defend her. Mercutio dismisses him, and he flies off.

Amaranth, Qel, and Milnasis, on the other hand, are concerned about Niralth. They go to her room to check on her, leaving Mercutio to his audience hall, and are gone a long time. Then Mercutio hears screaming coming from the warrioress's chambers. He leaps from the throne and runs to investigate.

Upon entering Niralth's room, the mage-king is confronted by a hideous sight. During the night, some hideous power has worked its evil upon Niralth; she has become transformed into a demon, and is attacking the party! Instantly, the mage moves to action, knocking the demon unconscious with a combination of magical javelins and spells. Amaranth, in his usual naive way, runs to heal the monster.

The party leaves the unconscious Niralth with a young boy guarding her, and head to the battle outside. They defend the keep valiantly-- Mercutio and Amaranth rain spells down on the enemies' head, while Milnasis flies over the battle on bat-wings, causing despair in the forces of evil. Qel fights the enemy hand-to-hand, slaughtering his opponents from the shadows, and Wax raises morale with his songs of glory and triumph. Niralth awakens, having won the battle for her soul, and adds her prowess to the fight, confronting the armies of dread with fire breath and dragonfear.

Azrael arrives with several gryphons and aids the party, defeating Vosh in single combat. The armies of darkness, bereft of their leader, despair and are quickly cut down. The party returns, victoious, to the sanctity of the castle.

End Adventure Seven: 12 Dunler 514

Amaranth earns 60500 XP. He reaches level 8!
Azrael earns 70500 XP.   He reaches level 8!
Mercutio earns 65500 XP. He reaches level 9!
Milnasis earns 70500 XP. He reaches level 7(m)!
                         He reaches level 7(t)!
Niralth earns 60750 XP.  She reaches level 7!
Qel earns 69500 XP.      He reaches level 9!
Wax earns 28250 XP.      He reaches level 6!