Mixie is a small, dark-haired halfling. She grew up in County Tyrone, in the faraway Shire Land. The youngest of five children, Mixie was raised by her father, William, and her mother, Maggie.

Mixie's great-great-grandfather was famous in Tyrone for two things: first, he stole anything that was not locked down, and second, he never got caught. So, he came to be called Sterling, as a sort of joking reference to his "sterling" reputation. After all, everyone knew he was a thief-- but no one could prove it.

Sterling's son continued the family trade, and was known as Sterling Junior. Thus, the family has quite a history of roguishness.

Mixie's father is no exception, and though he retired from the cutpurse trade, he was sure to pass his skills down to his children. These lessons, coupled with the fact that Mixie has four older brothers, has made the young lady into somewhat of a tomboy.

Mixie left Tyrone at the tender age of sixteen, joining a traveling circus. There were no hard feelings between her and the rest of the family-- Mixie just wanted to make her own fortune. Also, there was some unpleasantness regarding a boy... so the young halfling struch out on her own.

After five years of circus life, Mixie tired of constantly moving. Even though she got to visit interesting places, she rarely had the chance to enjoy them. Furthermore, the life of an entertainer didn't pay as well as she had hoped. So, about a year ago, she left the circus, and settled down in the town of Liev.

Mixie quickly arranged a job at the Inn of the Broken Heart, singing, telling stories, and playing the flute. The income from this gig is just barely enough to support both Mixie and her circus pony, Flattery, however. It soon became obvious that she would need a second job.

One of the Inn's patron's, an elven ranger named Valenthe, was also looking for adventure, so the two fell in. Given their unique skills-- Valenthe could track and hunt, and Mixie was the only one in Liev that could fit into a suitcase-- the pair soon found an assortment of odd jobs.

A few months later, after fighting off an infestation of mongbats from a farm, Mixie found herself injured, and was forced to visit the local clinic. There, she met Mardok Arcana, and the two became friends. It wasn't long before Mardak joined Holly and Mixie in their adventures around Liev.