Level 1 Experience: 3345 Align: Lawful Evil

Str 9 Stamina 10
Muscle 8
Press 90 Doors 5
Bars 1
Weight 5
Dex 15 Aim 13
Balance 17

React +2
Defense -3
Con 12 Health 10
Fitness 14
Shock 70%

Ressur 92%

Int 16 Reason 18
Knowlg 14
Level 9 Max 18

Learn 60%

Wis 8 Intuition 8
Willpwr 8
Xar 11 Leader 9
Appear 13
Henchman 4

React +1

& Para
& Poly
Spells 12

AC 7

Weapon Profs

Staff Sling

Staff- THACO: 20 Sp: 4 Dam:d6
Stone- THACO: 20 SP:11 Dam:d4+1/d6+1 ROF:2 Med:15-30 yd  Long:45 yd

Non-Weapon Profs

Languages: Naomi can speak both Common and Faerie.
Reading & Writing (9) Naomi is literate in Common.
Swimming (9) Naomi can perform most swimming tasks without a check.
Tumbling (11) If lightly encumbered, Naomi can roll, somersault, stand on her hands, flip forward and backward, and perform other feats of acrobatics. She can improve her AC by 4 on a given round if she wins initiative and does not attack; she gains a +2 in unarmed combat. Naomi can attempt daring dodges and escapes, and suffers only half damage from a fall of 60 ft or less; these final two abilities require a check.

Special Abilities

As a wild mage, Naomi can memorize one extra spell per level, as long as it is a wild magic spell. Certain magical items behave oddly when she uses them, and level results tend to fluctuate, sometimes causing wild surges. She is unable to cast Abjuration, Necromancy and Divination spells, and will not use any magical item whose effects are Necromantic or Divinatory. Naomi's heritage gives her 60-foot infravision and the ability to cast darkness, 50 ft once per day, but also requires certain supernatural considerations. She can wear any type of armor and use standard mage weapons.

As a tiefling, Naomi saves at +2 vs fire & electrical attacks, and at +3 vs poison. She only takes half damage from cold.

Other Traits

Naomi is five feet tall, and weighs 100 pounds. She is 20 years old, with golden skin. Naomi has long, dark hair, but it contains several lighter strands; her eyes are constantly changing color. Finally, close inspection reveals that her canines are slightly longer and sharper than average, and that she has a tattoo on her back.